Just for Tonight

Just for tonight, I'll come to existence.
I'll be me.
I dare myself. I dare my soul.

Only for tonight I'll look you in the eye.
I'll muster the courage, I'll be fierce, I'll be proud.
I know there's nothing, I'm banking on an empty space.
But still, I bet, I won't regret.
Someday you'll see, someday we'll be.

Just for tonight I'll surely say,
What my eyes have told, what my lips deny.
Can't wait for tomorrow, gotta do it tonight.
Shout to the stars, shout to the skies.

You stab my heart, you tug at my soul.
I'm yours, I'm yours... Will you be mine?

Just for a night, let me be the one.
Let me fill you, let me hug you.
Only for a night hold me close...
So close yet so far
Hold me, let me...

Just for one night
Be my baby
Be my maybe
Be my what if
Be my should have been
Be my all...

Only for one night
Realize what I realized
I never said that I love you
So now I'm telling you.

I'm yours!
I'm yours!
I'm yours!

Just for tonight
Be my forever
Be my constant
Be my always
Be mine...

'Coz I am yours tonight
And all the nights to come.

Kala nyo wholesome noh?! Ahihihihi.....


  1. yung PJ tag libog hahahahaha

  2. ahahahaha....

    @yj korekted by ka jan... pero by nature na yan. sha yung pinakamaliit pero sha din yung pinakamalaki impernes...

    mare xlink bumburumboom naman tayey...

  3. aba aba aba bakit me ganitelyang eksena. hahaha! ikaw ang tunay na kabogera. yan ba ang mga canton boys???

  4. Dream sequence mo ba ito?

  5. hahaha! lavet!!!! ikaw na talaga ang dyosa ng mga dyosa, napapalibutan ng mga ****!!!

  6. At talagang naka mask man tai chi sign ka jan habang naka layhands ang mga ombaw?? Hihi dapat yung iro na lng nila pina-lay mo sa head mo,.. Ahaha,.. Honlondii mu ning swear!..