Third Separation: A Tale of a Goddess

It took me more than 10 drafts, a year, and a different country to finish this blog. I simply wanted this to be one of the best I'll write... ever. Because leaving her is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. Because our friendship meant more than any other kembot. Because it's so damn hard to say goodbye. And because the person I'll write this for, she's simply... epic.

I've mentioned her a few times already. Isa sa closest friends ko since HS. Di pa ko beki, friends na kami. In fact, sya ang dahilan kung bakit ako naging beki -- at least in theory. A great influence in most of my decisions. Kunsintidor sa lahat ng kalandian, kabaklaan, kagagahan, at lahat ng "ka-han" sa buhay ko.

My Personal Goddess of a friend.


Second Separation: Si Utoy

Going to Batangas has never been the same because of Utoy. I always look forward to going there, para makabuo ng moments sa manggahan at sinigwelasan. Kahit anong okasyon, kahit sinong namatay, kahit kaninong birthday, kahit fiesta lang ng kabilang baryo, basta pwedeng umuwi, umuuwi ako. Because that means I get to see him again. And the trees. And the grass. And the river.

This time it was different. I came to say goodbye.