The Mask...

Tula tula lang muna pag may time =) This poem was written by a close friend some 15 years ago. 15 years and I still feel sad about it. Thanks Alou for sharing this wonderful poem.

How can the stars desert the sky
When they really know that someone will cry
If they cannot hear and answer the sigh
Of a foolish heart confessing her lie?

Yet no one at last can ever reveal
The secrets of hearts to you I conceal
Except for the night maintaining a zeal
To make the stars conceive what they hear.

And if it happens and I always pray
I will teach my lips to learn how to say
That someone is here and here to stay
Loving you until the end of the way.

For no other love can appease my heart
Not suchlike the one I long from your part
How I wish I am confident enough
To tell you these things, to tell you this love.

By this time I know you have realized
What a foolishness loving you in sight
Yet by this fashion I have found delight
For the eyes have told what the lips denied.

Now, my beloved, though it's really hard
It's much more bitter if I tell you not.
For my thoughts of you will dwell in the dark
So someday my dear, I'll unveil my heart.

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