Phylum Productions presents
an intriguing bromantic love story...


OMBRE tells the story of Jake, an aspiring actor who went to Baguio City for a reality star search audition. There, he meets Dennis, a photographer from Manila. Both stay in a transient house owned by Dennis’ gay best friend, Brix. Jake is a dreamer.

is a searcher who just got out of rehab.

They became friends and secret lovers. While both of them have special someone waiting back in Manila, it becomes clear that there’s a bond between them that they’ve never felt with other people, and this feeling begins to grow into something deeper.
Is this LOVE?

OMBRE is written and directed by Jonison Fontanos and stars Zac Ferrero, Darwin Taylo, Jobben Bello, Lando Perez, G.A Villafuerte, Tin Gonzalez, Kimjee Abad with Ms. Jef Gaitan (Survivor Philippines Palau finalist).

Dreams, destiny and love, in forms not known to many, come together in this full-length independent film this 2011.

Oh di ba naman, me gento ditey?! Kasi, me nag-email sa kin ng mga pics, nakikikembot na i-blogelya kez daw. Eh di i-blog! Keri lang namanchi kasi ang cutie ni kuya davah?! Naloka lang ako sa hawak. Ombre tapos me krusipiho sa leeg.

Heniwei mga ateng, watch nyo iteiwa. Wiz ko pa knows wen ang showing. Basta pag me na-givesung na free tickets, watch tayey Bekilandia! Suportahan ang indie films! Gora!

PS: Mga bet magpasulat jan ng script, ahem. Kol me! Ahahaha!


  1. Hi, Baklang Maton!

    Thanks for posting this! Would u mind sending ur contact info to phylum_prods@yahoo.com, we are inviting you to attend our invitational screening of OMBRE soon!

    More power on your blog! God Bless!

    Phylum Prods

  2. hmmm sureness... sana tatlo para kasama ko c galema at medusa ahahaha! no prob beks, good luck sa movie!

  3. FINALLY, Approved Without Cuts by the MTRCB...

    " OMBRE "

    Opens TOM (May 4)

    Robinsons Galleria

    And on May 11 @

    Remar Cubao
    Ever Gotesco Monumento

    Spread LOVE and BROMANCE! See you at the cinemas! :)

    Support indie gay cinema and feel free to repost. Thanks! :)