Emoterang Bakla

Dahil dinedma nyo ang last post ko, napa-emote tuloy ako! I'm having mixed emotions right now. Still...

My rainbow is always present...

My rain is always controlled...

My moment is always now...

My friendship is always ashore...

My coffee is always warm and delicious...

My family is always at bay...

My faith is always reminiscent...

My memory is always pleasant...

And my raindrops always fall...!!!


Ah basta... My blog is incoherent today... Pero I'm sure, this moment will be a really memorable one for me.

I may not be sober, but I am definitely happy. <3 <3 <3


  1. Go teh kung anu man yang pinagdadaanan mo take your time. Enjoy what you must enjoy. Feel every moment. Savor every sensation...=)


  2. Stay happy baklang maton... always :)

  3. kasi naman magpost ka na ulit ng mga julakis mo kaya

  4. binasa ko yung post mong yun. di ko lang alam ano ikokoment. i was.. speechless.

    mabuhay ang mga happy, kahit di ako kasali don. chose. =)

  5. Hi BM, this is my first comment here. I really enjoy reading your entries, but honestly, I like your stories about your boys. I don't have a significant other that's why reading your entries regarding your boys surely makes my day. Thank you again and don't stop posting. ;p

  6. Hey Bm! Visiting you for the first time :) I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great day ahead!

  7. rockwell fren mo sa fbFebruary 28, 2011 at 7:02 AM

    che.....tong c BM ma kyorte ahahahaskyeme mega read kaya kme...kloka lng kc wa maicomment..karumaldumal eh...nkakasabog ng heart sa ngala-ngala

    ps.-sna mkita ko ung pic na tunay ng mga otoko mo habang nkatayo cla na nka nudie fernandes at parang pine pray over ka..... ahahahah

  8. baks, active na ulit account ni owen kim!

  9. kaya mo po yan..napadalaw po uli rito..salamat po sa traffic. :)

  10. bakla ka!!!!! asan ka na? ahmeeshooo na!!!

  11. First time reading you (that also means as of this writing, this post pa lang) and truth is, i like this entry.

    whatever this means to you, it is always good to feel in commune with your ownself, esp when everything around is chaotic.

    will read more definitely.