grabe every night has a new dawn talaga... I’ve succumbed to a lonely and desperate time, when i thought all hope is lost. ive dragged myself to darkness. pero I’ve found my new strength, a new passion to go on... i feel like my battery's recharged and I could just walk and move forever. this weekend kept me invigorated. this encounter made me realize a lot of things.

i have found some new friends. i have found a new fire within me, eager to consume my whole being. i am ready. i am. indeed i am.

this pic is here to remind me of a young boy who aims to make a difference. of someone who has a lot of passion and courage to fight through the storm. of someone who would always remind me that once in my life, i was called "mutya" and it has made me feel special. Lips, you will be remembered.

today, i vow that i would try my very best at everything that i do. im gonna win.


  1. so ikaw yang nasa pic????

  2. bakla hindi ako yan... hihihi... si Justin yan, dati kong flame..

  3. naks naman biruin mong nagcomment pa lang ako dito ahahaha! bongga! 2009 pa comment ko. last year lampas pa. ahahaha! go gurl. HOMERUN HOMERUN HOMERUN!