Matanong ko lang mga beki...

Bakit pag me post ako ke Budwire eh ang excited nyong mag-comment? Bakit pag ke Payat eh parang wichikells nyo bet mag-react. Hmmm... biased kayo mga nini...

At bakit di ka na nagpaparamdam Prince Caspian? Naglaho ka na ba ng tuluyan?

At bakit kinikilig ako sa kabaduyan ni Jason at ni Melai? At bakit feeling ko, pati yung katabi kong Manong eh kinikilig din?!

Nagtatanong lang...


  1. kasi ang gwapo ni budwire eh! - drewtyler

  2. sooo many questions but the answers are so fewwww...

  3. I can replace prince caspian.... Can I get your email address?

  4. ay kumalembang naman ang dingdong ko... dahil jan may nagtext!

    "BM, akin ka lang!"

    -- Sam Milby

    Charot! Hihihi...

    Para sa yo, Mr. Anonymous, you may email me at bm_baklangmaton@yahoo.com

    Kayo na rin na mga baklang hurindat... Email nyo naman ako... mwahugs!

  5. hahahah... kahit nga ako kinikilig sa kanila...

  6. BM, BM... I was away for only 2 weeks, and here you are now, entertaining another anonymous guy?

    I am just figuring my way out of Narnia. Please focus on your thesis first.

    -- Prince Caspian

  7. Prince Caspian,

    Finding your way out of Narnia is an easy thing to do, just open the doors of your wardrobe(closet), and you'll find BM waiting there for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I can sense that you yourself hasnt decided yet on whether to come out or to continue partying with the white witch. I can't blame you, her castle is too fabolous and gay to linger in. And since you're still figuring your way out, yours truly will be figuring his way into BM's attention.

    Aslan (Lion)

    P.S. - This Narnia thing is getting competitive huh! LOL

  8. taray naman. may anonymous wars talagang nagaganap?

  9. ay kaloka ang mga Narnians... aktibo alaga?! at pag-check ko ng email meron talagang email pareho?! na-ka-ka-lo-kah! yun naman pala, me sagot sa lahat ng tanong... nalinawan ako impernes...

    senyo Prince Caspian at Aslan... may nag-text!


    Lagot... binuksan ni Harry Potter ang pinto ng closet... kasama mga nanay at tatay nyo... hala.... lagot kayong dalawa... hihihi!

    madlang pipol... ok lang bang kligin ako? hihihi...

  10. Kahit si Lord Voldemort pa ang magbukas ng pinto, hndi nya maisasama ang nanay at tatay ko... I locked them up inside Narnia, and they're loving it! My parents are so gay, they might be partying with Prince Caspian!


  11. Aslan,

    At your first comment to BM's latest entry, I raised my left eyebrow.

    Your 2nd comment, provocatively addressed to me, I simply ignored. One's beautiful morning need not be unnecessarily bothered by another person's delightfully mad ravings.

    But your 3rd comment I cannot let go unnoticed. I know you have allied with Lord Voldemort, but, as always -- and need I remind you of this? -- only the pure of heart become victorious in the end.

    {And, yeah, I know, you were munching chips and sitting cross-legged, with a wicked grin contorting your face, when you wrote your comments. Pls spare BM the madness. He requires all the serenity to finish his thesis.)

    -Prince Caspian

  12. Prince Caspian,

    Don't be alarmed, I won't be bothering your wonderful morning with my mad ravings. I realized that I am in total agreement with your commentary.

    First, there is no need for you to remind me that in the end, only the pure of heart shall rise victorious.

    Second, the "alliance with Lord Voldemort" was a nice touch. with the thought of it, I giggled a little. (naihi pa ako ng few drops while giggling, infairness) Honestly, I came to my realization, that my rantings and provocations was absolutely juvenile.

    But I just noticed, It seems that you're quite possessive with BM, that the thought of him entertaining another anonymous guy is madness and such a disturbance to his much needed serenity. I maybe wrong with how I see it, but as you've said, let me spare BM and everyone with this drama.

    To end this, let me apologize for my direct offensive statements against you. I am sorry. (please do not picture PGMA on tv)....

    This will be my last post for whatever thoughts and opinions that I have shall be directed to BM himself and not for everyone else to read. I have no plans of having the spotlight and become a character in this wonderful blog-life. Feel free to rule Narnia for Aslan is bidding adieu.


  13. Aslan,

    Hehe, pre, my post was written in great levity.

    Let's forget BM for a while.

    May I have your email address?

    -Prince Caspian

  14. naloka ko bigla... so ngayon kayo pa ang magiging magbowa?! hahaha! well, two less lonely people in the world...

  15. Haha, BM... I am starting to enjoy this whole thing. Maybe, mas maganda, tayong 3 na lang ni Aslan ang mag-meet? What do you say? Yuhoo, Aslan!

  16. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. hindi na uso ang email. FB na ngayon, day!

  18. hi BM..i was inspired by the way u write..

    thanks for that..

    napilitan tuloy akong kumembot na mag-follow sa blog mo...wahaha(anestly, i'm reading every posts of yours..i find it very interesting and very entertaining at the same time...)

    i was touched by your post regarding your nephew and friend's death, it just reminded me that no matter how painful i have lost my bowa bowa-an(hihi), mas peynful fa din when i lost my beloved mom..

    dahil dun nagising ako sa katotohanan..jeje

    hope na di naman ako maka-join sa list ng okray paktor mo..harhar..

    balitaan mo na lang kami sa kembang mo..jiji

    regards to your writing!!!SMILE!!!


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