Hi mga beki... I'm really sorry for not writing. I'm just disheartened by some comments and an email I received regarding this blog. Super naloka, natulala, naboplaks, nawarlaloo, nawindang at naurat lang ako sa mga kinuda ni Letter Sender. And so I decided to grant his wish.

I'm quitting the blogosphere.



Sori mga beki wit ako nkapag iwan ng blog before aq mag fly sa Iloilo for our camp. I'll see u in Sunday.



Bilang natawa ako sa blog ni Arki-Torture na puro daw boylets ang laman ng blogelya ko eh di boylet na nga ang i-blog tonight. At bilang dumugo rin ang utak ko sa mga comments nyo sa atake sa puso ni Juvelon, ibahin natin ang topic. Dami ko na ba utang mga beki? Aba mangilin naman tayo!



It was a windy sunday afternoon at San Pedro Laguna... I was driving then together with the Rodriguez family were on our way to visit Chrizi at the hospital who just by the way gave birth to a healthy baby boy.. when all of a sudden i felt a chest pain as if someone was squeezing my heart... my sweats were cold ...

while everybody was discussing where to have lunch the pressure was building inside me... from the stomach to my head like an inflating balloon... it was settled then that we were to have lunch at Pizza Hut so i park the van near a plant box... i threw-up just to alleviate the pressure... after 30 minutes... when the pain was already unbearable, i decided to go to a nearby hospital...

At the ER ... the attending physician couldn't tell whats wrong with me... my Vital signs were normal... BP was normal ... the ECG results were normal too... until they've took blood samples and the results came back Positive... Yes, i had an Acute Coronary Syndrome which leads to Myocardial Infraction...

Heart attack at the age of 34... the ER physician decided then that i should be on Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ) so that they could monitor my condition... I was in ICU for 3 days ... no windows ... no visitors allowed ... no gadgets inside to play with... it was pretty boring... then after ICU another 3 days in a private room and all i can eat were hospital food ... yuck!

Now... i'm staying with my Mom, My wife and 2 kids and my 2 brothers here at Pacita ... still under meds... =)